Prior to the pandemic Barnabus relied on over 90 volunteers a week to open our doors and welcome people who need a friend. We have volunteers from all over Greater Manchester, as well as Cheshire and Lancashire, all age groups (above 18 years old) and all walks of life. Despite changes to the way we work due to COVID19 you can still help us by volunteering, find out more here.

‘I was attracted to Barnabus when researching organisations working with the homeless for whom to volunteer, because of the scope and breath of its work. I have found it to be to be very rewarding and interesting activity, thanks to the opportunity to be working directly at the forefront with Barnabus’ Friends at the Beacon, further involvement in the Barnabus office as well the chance to receive additional training on the many related aspects of homelessness such as human trafficking or drug use.
It has taught me a lot about the factors affecting homelessness, and enabled me to get to know people living in this situation, getting beyond what is depicted in the media. I have found their energy, resilience, and often humour, very inspiring and an important reminder about what matters in life.’

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