At Barnabus we will try to find you the help you need, however sometimes other organisations are better suited to help you and there are steps you can take before meeting one of our support workers to smooth the referral process

Under 25

Booth Centre

Telehone: 0161 835 2499

Email: [email protected] 

Over 25

Please come to our drop in centre and ask to meet on of our support staff

Out of Hours

Please visit for more details about which services are open when we are closed.

or call 0161 234 5001.

Registering with the Council

Anyone who is homeless could immediately receive help from the council, the first step to getting off the streets should be to register as homeless with Manchester City council.

Claiming Universal Credit

If you are out of work or on a low income you are probably able to receive financial support from the government through universal credit. This requires a bank account if you do not have one please come in and visit us we can support you with this.