Pray with us

We believe in the transforming power of prayer to restore and bring; healing, salvation, freedom and hope to our friends experiencing homelessness. We see people of many different faiths at different stages of their spiritual journey. Many have complex needs stemming from; addictions, poor mental health, abuse, trauma and grief including ex service veterans and those without family. Read more

Fundraising events

Swim, cycle, parachute jump, climb a mountain, shave your head, organise an event - the only limit is your imagination! Read more

Reverse Advent Calendar

Turn the advent calendar idea on its head - instead of getting something for yourself each day, you can give people experiencing homelessness the things they need instead. Read more


Check out some of our video's to learn about homelessness and our work to help end it Read more

Homelessness in Manchester

If you’ve walked the streets of Manchester, you’ve almost certainly passed by a rough sleeper. In fact, you’ve probably noticed that there are more people living and sleeping out on the streets. In 2010, the official rough sleeper figure was 7. In 2018, it was 94. Unfortunately, we know that in reality, the number is much higher. Please read on to find out more about homelessness in our city. Read more

Urgently needed items

We are urgently short of particular items which mean that we have to purchase items to provide warm meals to our friends. It also means that we cannot offer a full change of clothes to our friends who come to us for a shower. If you feel like you can help us by donating food and necessities please click below to read more. Read more

How we're helping

The stress and anxiety people can suffer when they are homeless means they often feel afraid to reach out and taking that small step towards getting help can seem like a mammoth task. That’s why our team is there to help from the start, giving tailored support and advice every single step of the way. Read more