Hi everyone!

My name's Will and I'm aiming to raise money for Barnabus to provide them with support during the Covid-19 crisis. I've been a volunteer with Barnabus since September 2019 and have seen first hand the exceptional work that they do. It's honestly no understatement to say that Barnabus are a family to many homeless people in Manchester. In 'normal' times, they provide food, washing facilities, clothes and support for those who need it, and their building 'The Beacon' is a place of respite where the guests can socialise off the streets. Right now, the charity is working with Manchester City Council to delivery an emergency food response - delivering over 300 hot meals a day - as well as providing outreach services to shelter the homeless in unused hotel rooms during the pandemic. Barnabus is, simply put, a fantastic charity, who are dedicated to ending homelessness in Manchester. They are very important to me.

Right now is such a difficult time for so many of us, and people on the streets are no exception. Unfortunately, many have underlying health conditions - making them more susceptible to coronavirus - and have nowhere to self-isolate, making the homeless a very vulnerable group. Combine this with the fact that there are far fewer people out and about to donate to the homeless on your average highstreet and you realise how we are, relatively, in a very fortunate position.

Like many charities, Barnabus relies heavily on fundraising in order to continue their good work. However, Covid-19 has brought about the cancellation of many fundraising events around the country.

That's where we come in. Quarantine has provided many of us, including me, with an obscene amount of free time. So I have devised a series of wacky, zany challenges to bring you all some entertainment for a good cause. We can help the homeless by donating during lockdown.

Here's how the 'Five-Pronged Challenge' will work. There will be 5 different challenges. In order to unlock each challenge, we have to reach a certain collective donation checkpoint. For example, I will complete Challenge 1 after we reach the £100 mark. Then, I will complete Challenge 2 after we reach the £250 mark, and so on. Here are the 'Five Prongs' which you can unlock with your donations:

£100 - Challenge 1 - I, William Goddard, will vow to SLEEP ONE NIGHT OUT IN THE GARDEN IN JUST A SLEEPING BAG (no tent or any extra cover).

£250 - Challenge 2 - I, William Goddard, will vow to ONLY MOVE BY DOING 'THE WORM' BACKWARDS FOR 24 HOURS (I can see this one being particularly challenging, especially going up stairs...).

£500 - Challenge 3 - I, William Goddard, will vow to PRETEND TO BE A DOG FOR 48 HOURS (that includes a costume, mannerisms, sleeping arrangements and all!)

£1,000 - Challenge 4 - I, William Goddard, will vow to NOT USE MY HANDS FOR 72 HOURS (this one should be interesting at the table when we sit down to have tea...)

£5,000 - Challenge 5 - I, William Goddard, will vow to CLIMB MOUNT KILAMANJARO. Not the real one in Tanzania, since it's reasonably difficult to access right now, but I will walk the EQUIVALENT amount by using my garden steps. This will probably take me roughly a week. It may or may not kill me off, but it would be worth it if we reached this mega amount. Oh, and I'll also be singing 'Africa' by Toto the entire time that I'm doing it.

I will be making the viewing of these challenges as accessible as I can by bringing these to you via Instagram and Facebook, the pages you can view them on are on the bottom of this text. My goal is to raise at least £500 for Barnabus, so any donation large or small will bring me one step closer to my childhood dream of becoming a dog.

Many thanks for reading, and stay safe out there!
Will x

Instagram - @willgoddard
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/711012706303250/

Will Goddard