We get people from all walks of life through our doors. Around 44% of those who have been made homeless have been through a relationship breakdown and about 63% are struggling with mental health issues. We also see people being made homeless through eviction, abuse or addiction. Our mission is to help wherever and however we can, and between 2017 and 2018, we had one of our busiest years yet.

We supported an astounding 2,348 people at Barnabus during this time, almost 1,300 of which were new to our service. We secured a warm bed for the night for as many of these people as we could – 598, to be exact.

Our work doesn’t stop there. Sometimes it can be daunting to look for new work, so we’ve partnered up with businesses such as Authentic Foods and Bowmer and Kirkland to help get people back into work, easing that pressure of finding a steady job and a regular income.