New mother flourishing after a dark and difficult year

Claire* came to Barnabus with her partner in March 2021. She had recently found out she was pregnant and needed somewhere safe, warm and dry to sleep. They were both rough sleeping after having fled violence and modern-day slavery.  One of our caseworkers immediately flagged Claire as a high priority and managed to secure a hostel room for the pair. Tragically, the respite from her months of hardship were short-lived… Read more

Our friends struggle with addiction and loneliness #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Paul has been known to Barnabus for many years. He recently returned to Barnabus, fresh out of rehab with a home of his own. However loneliness and poor mental health were threatening all the progress he had made. Read his story this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek Read more

Our Mix Sessions act as a launchpad for fresh starts

This part of Ben’s* story starts once we had been working with him for over a year. During this time, he’s been staying in a shared house on our Resettlement Tenancy Scheme and has always been keen to stay active and keep himself in work. But recently, Ben attended some sessions that we’ve been hosting for our friends – and things have started to look even better for him… Read more

How one friend turned their life around, as told by them

Peter* was recently discharged from our resettlement programme as our team believed he was ready for independent living without their support. It’s always a bittersweet moment, but Peter has made so much progress that, despite some ups and downs along the way, it was an easy decision to make. This month, Peter came back to Barnabus to say hello and thank you. He also kindly wrote this story – his story – for us to share. Read more

Dear Addiction: A Powerful Open Letter From One Of Our Friends

We were recently given this powerful letter by a friend who we’ve supported over the past year. Many of the people who reach out to us are battling with addiction, this letter tells of one man’s fight, it also gives an incredible insight into the struggles that so many men and women face. Read more

Bulbs for Barnabus

St. Mary’s Church in Partington, on the outskirts of Manchester, came up with a creative way to raise money for Barnabus with a riot of colour, as 1300 daffodil bulbs burst into bloom in the warm spring sunshine. Yet it was a different story, on a cold and wet day last October. Encouragingly £1300 was raised, a pound for every bulb. The long wait is now over and the bulbs have flowered transforming the churchyard into Barnabus’ yellow colour. Read more

The journey from a chaotic life on the streets to inspiring others and bringing hope

Mo made so many positive changes to his life in such a short period of time. He is more confident and happier and is gaining new skills through volunteering in the Beacon. It is a pleasure to be with him on his journey and already see how far he has come. Read his journey here Read more

Partners help Barnabus offer free eye tests and COVID-19 vaccines

We’re always looking to connect with organisations that can help us provide more services to our friends. Whether they offer additional support with some of the challenges our friends face – such as addiction – or join us for sessions in the Beacon, partnering with others enables us to help our friends move on to an independent life. Read more

One year on a friend moves into a home of his own

Phil first came to Barnabus for support in January of last year when he was living on the streets and actively taking drugs. Phil knew there was a better life out there for him and one day he decided enough was enough and he began engaging with our support to help him turn his life around. One year on he is thriving in his own property and has overcome his addictions. Read about his year of transformation here Read more

Manchester Homeless Partnership pulls together for Cold Weather

When the weather hits zero or below for a night, Manchester activates emergency accommodation for rough sleepers to ensure that people have a safe place for the night. This week The Manchester Homeless Partnership came together and helped a lot of our friends get off the streets during this life threatening weather. Read more

A rapid recovery after a relationship breakdown

Relationship breakdown is the largest cause of homelessness, and James’s story is one we’ve sadly heard many times before. Here, we explore the steps he took after seeking our support. Read more

A Bright Future for a Young Couple And Two New Mothers In Our Resettlement Scheme

Our resettlement scheme has seen two successes recently, which we’d like to share with you here. Read on to discover how your support made a difference, and what you can do to help us help even more people in the future. Read more