Today we had two volunteers from Turner and Townsend Project Management providing some corporate input at the allotment. Chris Bishop and Mark Greenwood were set to work on the task of completing a section of concrete paving along the centre of the plot.

Earlier in the summer three other volunteers had prepared the site by putting down a membrane and some limestone hardcore. Chris and Mark put down a bed of grit sand over the stone and laid ten concrete paving slabs under the guidance of John Eaden (our allotment manager). We were very fortunate that the torrential rain stopped on cue at one o’clock and allowed us to work without getting soaked.

The pictures show the work in progress and the finished job which looks very good. The hardest part of the task was getting the sand level and making sure the pavers did not rock. Chris and Mark worked really hard and completed the job just before finishing time at three o’clock. Many thanks to Turner and Townsend for this contribution.

Colin spent time tidying up the compost bins, while Wendy harvested more strawberries and the remaining potatoes. T took the strawberries and some of the potatoes back to the Beacon at the end of the session for use in the kitchen.