Today it was cold and wet! This time last year we spent loads of time carrying watering cans - no need for that at the moment!

A new friend Graham came down today to see what we were up to and to lend a hand. He started digging out the compost bins but we were forced to stop when the rain got too bad. But we had a second brew and a chat so we hope he will return on a better afternoon.

Inside the greenhouse it was warm and dry, so the tomatoes and cucumber plants needed watering and feeding. Wendy makes her own homemade fertiliser from comfrey leaves soaked in a water butt. The brown liquid has a terrible smell but it is liquid gold for the plants. Jenny keeps an eye on the greenhouse during the week to make sure they are watered.


Let’s hope the weather warms up - we need some sun to ripen the strawberries.

John Eaden - allotment volunteer.