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What Barnabus is doing to help homeless people in the Covid-19 crisis

During this Covid 19 crisis the priority of the whole homeless sector in Manchester for the past couple weeks has been referring rough sleepers into hotels and other accommodation in the city so that they can self-isolate and stay safe, ensuring they receive much needed food and toiletries.


Our Support team continues to offer support via phone calls or messages in deliveries to help entrenched rough sleepers and those with complex needs with a history of addiction and poor mental health, cope with this seismic change in circumstances. Our support is vital in reinforcing the importance of isolation, to protect themselves and others.


We’re working in partnership with Manchester Council, GMP and other charities. Our CEO Yvonne Hope is strategically leading a network of frontline charities and partners to mobilise the supply, preparation, cooking and delivery of food to support those in accommodation. We are part of this network to provide 1000 people with food in accommodation across the city. Every day our team are cooking 300 meals; breakfasts, lunches and hot evening meals seven days a week. Our Barnabus charity van has also been busy and clocking up the miles, it is out 5 days a week receiving donations and delivering food and essential health and hygiene items to people in accommodation.

In addition we’re also continuing to support 27 people with a history of street homelessness in private tenancies as part of our Barnabus Resettlement program. Our support team is in touch by phone offering food parcels and other practical items via co-ordinated deliveries. They continue to support and encourage them on the phone providing much needed mental, emotional and / or spiritual support to alleviate heightened anguish and fear.