During periods of severe cold weather when temperatures are forecast to fall below 0 degrees, emergency accommodation for people sleeping rough is provided by Manchester Council for a period of 3 days. We know all too well how life threatening these severe cold temperatures can be. As an aid to this year’s cold weather provision we have committed to provide a 3 day supply of essential items and this is where we need your, your family and friends help.

We have some toiletry items already and we will also be making up sandwiches but we need the following long-life food and other essential items so that we are ready and prepared for when the cold weather comes:

Instant Porridge Pots, Cereal Bars
Pot Noodles, Cuppa Soups, Pasta Pots
Tea small foil packed 40’s as these are easy to give out in packs
Coffee small Jars 
Hot Chocolate Sachets
Small long-life milk cartons
Individual bottles of water
Canned drinks (not including energy drinks)

Biscuits, Chocolates, Crisps
Men’s boxers new sizes small, medium
Women’s brief new sizes 6,8 and 10
Roll-on deodorant

We can accept donations at our support offices: 61 Bloom St, M1 3LY (next to the Docs) between 10am - 4 Mon - Fri or we can make use of Supermarket or High Street Vouchers, or please make a donation on our website to support our work this winter.  

If you would also like to donate season 3/4 sleeping bags, winter clothing or other items please see our Donations page on this website for the full list.