We always recommend registering with your local authority who has a duty to help you under the Homeless Reduction Act 2018. Councils now have a duty to prevent and relieve homelessness and your local authority might be able to help you. Alternatively you can visit a charity like Barnabus for an assessment to find out what options are open to you.


If you are trying to help someone who is street homeless, we recommend downloading the Street Support App to find them somewhere to go. Taking time for a chat and perhaps offering a coffee or a bottle of water is appreciated. There are plenty of places for people to go to for food and we regard giving out food on the street as helping people to stay there: there’s no reason to visit a charity like Barnabus which will work to find you somewhere to stay. We don’t recommend under 18s on street outreach as it is impossible to safeguard young people in a public place.