Rachel’s Story

Rachel came to Barnabus in September 2018. She had lost her job and the property she was living in was attached to her employment which made her homeless and destitute. She was very much out of her depth and did not know where she needed to go or what to do. Read more

Winters harsh impact on mental health

At this time of year as we head into winter we tragically see a rising and disturbing level of lost hope amongst our friends who are rough sleeping. This is why our outreach work and one to one support at our Support Centre and offices is so vital. Read more

World Homeless Day

My Wish for World Homeless Day 2020 This Saturday is World Homeless Day and people all around the world will be marking the day in lots of ways to raise awareness. But I really wish we didn't have a World Homeless Day. Read more

Freedom from Sleeping Rough and Addiction

We’re so proud of her and we’re blessed and privileged to have been able to offer support and be on this journey of hope together. Read more

Vital Healthcare returns to the Beacon

We are totally and utterly delighted to be back, it feels extremely positive to us as a GPs practice to be back in a setting that’s more accessible to people experiencing homelessness Read more

Hopeful Future For Our Friend

We are so happy to share with you that a friend of ours is doing really well at a project where they are off the streets and can get help with their alcoholism. Read more

Helping our friends to get off the streets in our first month back open

On the 5th August our new look Beacon support Centre opened for the first time since lockdown began in March. Our outreach team have been telling everyone they meet about the beacon re-opening and word is spreading around the city among the rough sleeper community. Read more

Success finding our friend a new home during lockdown

In July,  Aimee, our Resettlement Worker, was able to house someone experiencing homelessness. This is doubly impressive as she has done this despite the challenges posed by COVID19 and in her first month back from maternity leave. Our outreach team first met this man when he was rough sleeping on Market Street in May during the peak of the Lockdown. Our support team were able to house him in temporary accommodation in the city. Read more

Our Support Office Reopens

Since lockdown our support team has been providing support over the phone to people experiencing homelessness. We've now made our office COVID19 secure, this week we have been able to reopen our support office to offer face to face support. Read more

Sad news from the streets

It doesn't happen often anymore, thank goodness, but a couple of weeks ago, someone we knew died on the streets in Manchester. Read more

40,000 meals delivered to rough sleepers during Lockdown

The Beacon Team, our volunteers, Feed my City, the Rev Ellie and Alan and Darren (our delivery team) have now cooked and delivered over 40,000 meals to people experiencing homelessness in Manchester. As we prepare to hand over the food provision to the hotels which are housing people experiencing homelessness we are taking the opportunity to reflect on the last three months and everyone that has made it possible. Read more

PPE donations from the community and corporate support

We could not be more thankful for the people and companies who have supported our efforts to reopen in a way that is safe for our friends, volunteers and staff. Read more