Starting the year as we mean to go on

There is often a lot of help and support for people who spend the Christmas holiday on the streets. Sadly, though, this is usually short lived. Every year there is much less on offer on New Year’s Day, which is why we always try to ensure our doors a Read more

Our resettlement team’s recent success

While some may be winding down for Christmas, our resettlement team have been busier than ever. In the last three weeks alone, they’ve housed seven people into their own private tenancies. For some of these seven people, it’s been years since they last had a home of their own so we’re delighted to make this happen in time for Christmas. Read more

The Breakfast Project off to an amazing start

In just 3 weeks, we’ve served over 300 breakfasts. It’s been an incredible effort from everyone involved, and a real testament to Manchester coming together to help others. We couldn’t have done it without our volunteers and working so closely with other charities. Read more

New Hope Away From The Streets And Into A Home

Our Resettlement Tenancy Project is just one of the initiatives that we have in place when people come to us for support. Typically, when someone gets in touch or is referred to us, we’ll provide them with a resettlement worker or a case worker. Over a period of time, our case workers will aid recovery, enabling and equipping individuals so that they can thrive independently and feel secure in their home. Not to mention be connected and part of their community. Read more

Winters harsh impact on mental health

At this time of year as we head into winter we tragically see a rising and disturbing level of lost hope amongst our friends who are rough sleeping. This is why our outreach work and one to one support at our Support Centre and offices is so vital. Read more

Help for Chris

We’ve recently been fortunate to help a man into accommodation. Chris had been known by other services in Manchester but they had found him difficult to work with due to his aggression and past convictions. Read more

Barnabus 'Manchester is Ours' 2021 30th Anniversary Calendar

Please help us make 2021 an amazing year for Barnabus, as we mark our 30th anniversary bringing hope and transformation to rough sleepers and people experiencing homelessness in Manchester. 100% of all proceeds from this stunning 'Manchester is Ours' calendar will support our life changing work. Read more

Rachel’s Story

Rachel came to Barnabus in September 2018. She had lost her job and the property she was living in was attached to her employment which made her homeless and destitute. She was very much out of her depth and did not know where she needed to go or what to do. Read more

World Homeless Day

My Wish for World Homeless Day 2020 This Saturday is World Homeless Day and people all around the world will be marking the day in lots of ways to raise awareness. But I really wish we didn't have a World Homeless Day. Read more

Freedom from Sleeping Rough and Addiction

We’re so proud of her and we’re blessed and privileged to have been able to offer support and be on this journey of hope together. Read more

Vital Healthcare returns to the Beacon

We are totally and utterly delighted to be back, it feels extremely positive to us as a GPs practice to be back in a setting that’s more accessible to people experiencing homelessness Read more

Hopeful Future For Our Friend

We are so happy to share with you that a friend of ours is doing really well at a project where they are off the streets and can get help with their alcoholism. Read more