Our Support Office Reopens

Since lockdown our support team has been providing support over the phone to people experiencing homelessness. We've now made our office COVID19 secure, this week we have been able to reopen our support office to offer face to face support. Read more

Sad news from the streets

It doesn't happen often anymore, thank goodness, but a couple of weeks ago, someone we knew died on the streets in Manchester. Read more

40,000 meals delivered to rough sleepers during Lockdown

The Beacon Team, our volunteers, Feed my City, the Rev Ellie and Alan and Darren (our delivery team) have now cooked and delivered over 40,000 meals to people experiencing homelessness in Manchester. As we prepare to hand over the food provision to the hotels which are housing people experiencing homelessness we are taking the opportunity to reflect on the last three months and everyone that has made it possible. Read more

End of week blog 19/06/2020

We could not be more thankful for the people and companies who have supported our efforts to reopen in a way that is safe for our friends, volunteers and staff. Read more

End of week blog 12/06/2020

Despite the challenges caused by COVID19 that we are all facing we are still seeing people lives change for the better Read more

End of week blog 05/06/2020

As we come to the close of #VolunteerWeek we would like to say a huge thank you to all of our amazing volunteers. Every day of the year we are thankful and humbled by our volunteer’s commitment to give up their time to help those less fortunate than themselves. No task is too great for them and the impact they have on our friends is priceless and life changing. This was made even more obvious to us during this COVID19 crisis and lockdown. Read more

End of week blog 28/05/2020

We are now in the exciting position to begin planning how our services and premises are going to reopen in the coming weeks and months. We are really looking forward to be able to return to some form of normal, to be able to offer face to face support and advice for housing, health, drug and alcohol dependencies, universal credit and opening bank accounts. Sadly many people are in need of this support to help them get off the streets and build new lives. Read more

End of week blog 22/05/2020

This pandemic has had hidden costs and we’re already seeing a rise in people presenting as homeless to the council; the impact from the loss of jobs, wages, bereavement, poor mental health, poor living conditions and a rise in domestic abuse are all factors and we know that as we plan to come out of this crisis we will need to strategically adapt our services. Read more

End of week blog 15/05/2020

Last week we reached a milestone. Since the start of lockdown we have prepared, cooked and delivered over fifteen thousand meals to vulnerable people and people experiencing homelessness in Manchester. We spoke to some of our staff and volunteers to hear what their thoughts are on reaching this milestone. Read more

End of week blog 8/05/2020

Sadly there is still a small group of people rough sleeping in Manchester, spending their days and nights on the streets. We are now doing street outreach again to feed these people and support them into accommodation Read more

Our support team are still a lifeline through this lockdown

Stephen Rowley is our Head of Support; before the crisis he was supporting rough sleepers and people experiencing homelessness with one to one support at our Support Office and Drop in. During this lockdown he is now providing support on the phone to rough sleepers in hotels and tenants self isolating in our Resettlement project. He is also feeding back to the team any deliveries or practical support that may be needed. Read more

End of week blog 01/05/2020

During lockdown, our amazing volunteers have continued to come in to help people experiencing homelessness in any way they can. We sat down with Simon who is one of our evening volunteers. Read more