Today we finally saw the sun for a Friday afternoon allotment session!

The allotment is very tidy as you can see from the cover picture and there’s lots growing.

The plot is beginning to produce the new season’s crops. Today we harvested the first cauliflower. It was quite small but enough for a meal for one - so Colin took it home.

Charlotte, our new volunteer, helped sow some lettuce and feed the tomato plants with some homemade comfrey water. We plan to plant a comfrey root at the allotment so that we can make this wonderful plant food onsite in future.

Colin helped with weeding the beds - this is an essential job that never ends.

Unfortunately none of our Barnabus friends made it to Plymouth Grove today - everyone is welcome to come and have a look at what we do - and join in with the work. There might be some strawberries ripe next week - if the sun keeps shining.

John - allotment volunteer