This is the first of what we hope will be a series of weekly reports about the allotment project at the Church of the Nazarene in Plymouth Grove, Longsight.

The season started on Friday last week with tidying up the allotment. The greenhouse had a good clean out, the raised beds were weeded ready for sowing this season’s crops and the last of the winter leeks and broccoli were harvested.


At this week’s Friday afternoon session we topped up some of the soil in the raised beds with compost. We started the growing season by planting a bed with Charlotte potatoes and sowing another bed with two rows of broad bean seed.


John and Wendy are our gardening guides. They are keen to share their passion for growing vegetables and fruit with any Friend who comes to the allotment project - so even if you have never lifted a spade or fork you can come down and learn how to cultivate and harvest a variety of crops.


There’s always tidying up work to do such as strimming the grass and weeding the paths and beds. We are also planning to paint some of the refurbished raised beds - so even if you aren’t gardener there are jobs to do which don’t require gardening skills.


Next week is Good Friday but the allotment project is on - get there for 1 pm when we start with a chat about the day’s task over a brew and biscuits.


John Eaden - allotment volunteer.