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Steria “Breakfast Fairies” and “Souper Troupers” Fundraising Volunteers

Every year Steria www.steria.com/uk employees across Europe and Asia have a One Day Challenge to help as many community projects and charities as possible. Last year in the UK alone; Steria staff raised over £17,900, they participated in around 110 activities and events and donated more than 220 hours to community projects; supporting 36 charities.

In November 2012 staff from the Manchester office chose to support us. They had the ingenious idea of sponsoring senior management and directors to volunteer and serve breakfast at our Drop-in, as part of their annual One Day Challenge. Two teams; “Breakfast Fairies” and “Super Troupers” competed with each other to raise the most sponsorship for our Brick Appeal. An incredible £1,987.20 was raised through sponsorship and additional fundraising. Staff had a fantastic time volunteering and some of the team came back to volunteer with us on other occasions.

The volunteer teams came on two separate days; they each brought in all the ingredients for a cooked breakfast and helped to prepare, cook and serve it at our drop-in. They also helped by assisting people coming in for a shower by giving out toiletries, towels and clothing. In the afternoon the teams helped Barnabus staff sort through our harvest donations. Steria also blessed us with donations;new hats and gloves, sleeping bags, blankets, toiletries, pre-loved clothing, tinned food, biscuits, cakes and even Christmas presents. There were so many they had to bring them in by car every day for a week!

We’re so thankful to all at Steria Manchester for their enthusiasm and generous support.

Published on Thursday 13th December 2012


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