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Health and Well-Being Suite

One of the biggest difficulties rough sleepers and homeless people face is that they are unable to obtain basic medical care. With no fixed abode, it is extremely difficult to register with a GP.The homeless are often turned away from walk in clinics and Accident and Emergency facilities or discharged without any patient care or follow up.

Barnabus have always been instrumental in helping people access healthcare via our outreach vehicles and healthcare volunteers. It is not just physical illness that has a negative impact on health and well-being. Uncertainty, stress, lack of confidence, loneliness and suffering the ill effects of abuse and addictions can all have a huge impact.

In response to increased need we recently opened a purpose built Health & Wellbeing Suite in our Beacon Drop-In centre. It is currently open two nights a week. We have volunteer NHS trained nurses and paramedics on hand to administer basic care, advice and make referrals to specialist substance and alcohol agencies. We offer flu vaccinations, Chlamydia testing and have recently become a recognised centre for Needle Exchange.

The NHS appointed Homeless GP also now attends our drop-ins to register people to a GP and Manchester's Mental Health team visit to offer advice and help where needed.

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