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What We Do

How does being a Christian organisation affect our work?

Well, Barnabus wouldn’t exist without one man wanting to show God’s love to the poor and the forgotten. Peter and Beryl Green knew all those years ago that they couldn’t walk by and pretend they hadn’t seen those people sheltering under the bridge one rainy night in Manchester. God had a message for them and he made it quite clear what Peter and Beryl’s mission would be.

At Barnabus, we believe that everyone is equal, no matter what their background, colour, age, sexuality, gender. It’s a great privilege to serve the men and women of Manchester and indeed from other countries who come to us for help with a variety of problems which are stopping them from leading a stable life.

We never force our faith on anyone; rather our faith is the cornerstone of our work. We believe that God wants us to show our love for those who live in the shadows through practical measures: hot food, clean clothes, help with accommodation, benefits and health issues. Whatever the issues facing our service users, our belief strengthens us as a team and there are so many times where God’s provision have been made crystal clear to us.

We do offer Bible classes and our service, The God Slot, for those service users who choose to attend. We also lend a sympathetic ear to our service users and if they ask us to, we will pray for them or with them for a particular situation. Mostly, our faith gets swept up in the general frantic race of the day to help our service users with the essentials that they need. But God is the bedrock of Barnabus and we thank him that so many people have a heart to help the homeless and vulnerable.

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