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Barnabus ReNu Up-cycling Furniture Project

We're excited to tell you about our newly launched ReNu Up-cycling furniture project, delivering an inspiring, creative, activity to provide employable skills and employment and training opportunities for out of work, homeless men and women.
People attending will learn all aspects of furniture renovation, repair and much sought after shabby chic and distressing techniques. Over time we would train excelling learners to become employed tutors to train new groups on different days.

Barnabus ReNu Up-cycling Furniture ProjectTransformed pieces will initially be sold at showcase events in the City, we would then progress to taking in commissions and in the long term hope to have our own sales room and online sales presence. All monies gained will be re-invested into the ReNu project, to create a long-term, sustainable future.

We’re so thankful to have Tina Langton Brown ‘Up Cycle Revolution’ as our ReNu tutor, she has a wealth of professional experience, delivering courses with a track record of outstanding outcomes. Tina worked as an interior designer for 15yrs, she then completed a Teacher Training course leading her to produce and deliver an up-cycling course for Trafford College in conjunction with Trafford Housing Trust. The course was specifically for vulnerable adults, long term unemployed and ex-offenders.

The ReNu project was developed in conjunction with Enactus students from Manchester University, we are thankful to the teams commitment, ideas, volunteering, fundraising and passion to see lives changed through enterprise.

Small beginnings - we are currently renting a small workshop space, just one day a week in Old Trafford. We only have enough room for 8 candidates and have limited space to store old and transformed pieces. Enactus students fundraised and our tutor offered gift in kind support for the first 10 week course, which we’ve just completed. We now need to find funding to pay for tutoring, rent and to invest in further materials and equipment.

Barnabus ReNu Up-cycling Furniture ProjectBig Vision - we aim to offer employment and training opportunities in all aspects of furniture repair, up cycling, warehousing, delivery and customer service. With the appropriate workshop and funding, we could open 5-6 days a week. An ideal space would include a workshop / storage area / parking / drop-off facilities / sales room and we hope even a café so that we can reach out and raise awareness in the community. The ReNu Up-cycling project already offers an important enviromental solution to unwanted furniture. In the future we would love to develop collaborations with artists and students who have a passion for creative up-cycling, so that we can develop an even wider range of innovative classes to produce designed items from materials that would otherwise also go to landfil or waste. We're excited by how this project could develop and the positive impact this would have on the homeless men and women attending. As well as showcase events, we would hold exhibitions and workshops and celebrate the workmanship, skills and art that goes into creating beautifuly crafted design pieces.

The course is at it's inception but already it is having an instant impact
"I feel on top of the world, and can’t believe what I can do“
"When I am in the class I focus on the furniture and forget all about my problems"
"I have never been told that I am really good at something that I have never done before“
"Can we arrive earlier and leave later to get more done"
" I cant believe what you can do with a bit of paint“
"I feel great that you said I am really good at this"
"It would be great if we could come to the class 3 days a week"

Barnabus ReNu Up-cycling Furniture ProjectWe would like to invite you to be part of this amazing story
With your help, we know that our ReNu project will succeed and more importantly inspire change, increase confidence, wellbeing, skills and provide hope for the homeless and vulnerable and their future. Your support, would help us pay for tutoring, rent, storage, materials, tools and equipment and perhaps even help us, secure a long term appropriate sized building that will sustain our growth for many years to come.

Sponsor ReNu - provide financial support to help us realise our Big Vision for larger premises or provide essential support to cover rent, tutoring costs and the purchase of tools and materials.
Gifts in KInd - could your company donate materials, help us develop an online sales platform or provide us with low cost storage or rent of a suitable workshop / building space?
Donate Furniture / Materials - small items of furniture, paints, brushes, tools etc
Volunteer - do you enjoy woodwork or up-cycling, are you interested in creative crafts, textiles or just a born encourager. We need your skills and expertise?
Students / Artists - we would love to talk to you about opportunities to work collaboratively
Donate today - http://www.justgiving.com/BarnabusReNu or Text RENU52 £5 to 70070 to donate £5 or an amount of your choice
Hold a fundraising or sponsored event - see our events pages for inspiration, whatever you choose to do, we will do all we can to support you so that you achieve your fundraising goal.

Could you donate or give in kind, any of the following items?
Paints (all colours), Waxes, Wood Stains and Brushes
Materials and Supplies
Tools for Furniture Repair and Up-cycling
Small items of Furniture, Homeware and Mirrors
Cleaning Supplies
For more details please download our list of needs >>>

Please download our ReNu presentation here

For further details and to discuss offers of help and support, please call Carol Price on 0161 237 3223 or email carol@barnabusmanchester.co.uk

Cabbage from the Allotment Project Man working on the Allotment Woman working on her Allotment at the Project Image for our Unsung Heroes 2008 award