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barnabus allotment

The Allotment Project

Our allotment project is proving incredibly rewarding. Once a week a group from the drop-in travel together by bus and work at our allotment to prepare the soil, plant, nurture and care for a wide variety of plants and vegetables. We grow crops such as potatoes, beans, carrots, broccoli, corn, garlic and we even have a bamboo arch and a Christmas tree.

barnabus allotmentGardening itself is uplifting and rewarding. But it is also a good opportunity for us to build trust, confidence and motivation. It helps promote a sense of community and belonging. The produce grown is shared out among the homeless or used to create meals at our drop-in centre, 'The Beacon'

Westland Horticulture and Unwins Seeds continue to bless us with donations of compost, manure, fertilizer and seeds. And, in the next year or so we have plans to establish more sessions and grow an even wider variety of crops. If you would like to get involved, gardening experience isn't essential but a love of the outdoors and all things green would certainly be a good start.

Cabbage from the Allotment Project Man working on the Allotment Woman working on her Allotment at the Project Image for our Unsung Heroes 2008 award